Fastest way is to go by bus. Bus station is here. Bus ticket cost 2 euros per person and you can buy it in the bus. Bus lines are 1A and 1B and they run very often. Old city is the last station for both of these bus lines.

Closest supermarket is 1.5 km away in place Komolac.

You have your own parking available 24/7.

Yes, he is ours. He doesn’t have a permission to go inside, but feel free to (carefully) pet him. Please don’t feed him as he is already fat enough. Also, he’s called Moki 🙂

Dubrovnik Pass is a multipurpose ticket that City of Dubrovnik invented for tourists that want to see all of our beauties. You use it for buses, museums, city attractions, boat for Lokrum and overall it is much cheaper to buy it, than separate ticket for every single thing.

To remain fresh and green on hot summer days, the garden has an automatic watering system. The watering system turns on every night at 4 AM so we recommend moving your things from the grass area before going to sleep.

Barbeque along with its equipment is situated behind the left corner of the house. We provide You with everything needed to use it, it is on You to just bring delicious food 😉

Another way of cooling yourself is an outside shower. Water is heated by the sun. Make sure that You connected the shower to the water tap and that the water is turned on before using it.